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Harper College for Businesses in partnership with Color HQ, is offering the courses listed below for industry professionals looking for specific training to boost skills and knowledge in the Graphic Arts industry.

GRA 101
Introduction to Graphic Arts Technology

This course gives students and overview of the graphic arts industry for print.

It concentrates on the beginning fundamentals needed for a career in the print industry.
Includes past, current and potential developments in the printing industry.
This course also provides a comprehensive understanding of desktop publishing software (PC)
used in industry and all the steps related to producing printed materials.

GRA 102
Graphic Arts Desktop Publishing

Presents a clear understanding of creative through print departmental procedures, and
provides instruction in several Mac based desktop applications used in the print industry.
This course provides hands-on training using the most current desktop publishing software,
focusing on project work, page layouts and output functions.
Prior or concurrent enrollment in GRA 101 or some industry experience using
QuarkXpress, InDesign, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop is recommended.

GRA 103
Digital Imaging I

This application course covers fundamentals of the professional image-editing software,
Adobe Photoshop (Mac). It teaches skills to manipulate images using this softwares tools
and special effects filters thorough projects. The program also explores, color correction, channels,
layers and color separation/management.
Prior or concurrent enrollment in GRA 101 or some industry experience
using basic image editing software is recommended.

GRA 105
Introduction to Color Theory/ Management

This course examines the fundamentals of color theory and color management throughout the entire
graphic arts process in the print industry. Students will explore all color management techniques of input

and output devices as well as tools and concepts for successful color control and quality.

Prior or concurrent enrollment in GRA 101 or some industry experience using basic Photoshop is recommended.

GRA 111
Press Operations

This course covers fundamentals of commercial printing as well as new technologies in the digital print arena.
It provides knowledge of press procedures, functionality, maintenance and safety as well as
feeder systems, registration requirements, ink systems. This course will also include
color management tools and techniques in the print industry. Projects and field trips included.

Prior or concurrent enrollment in GRA 101 or some industry experience.

GRA 113
Digital Imaging II

This application course covers advanced functions of digital image-editing software,
Adobe Photoshop (Mac) its emphasis is on the advanced software functionality such as color correction

and color management needs as well as commercial imaging practices in a prepress environment.
Focuses on different types of image capture and file manipulation.

Prior enrollment in GRA 103 or industry experience using basic Photoshop is recommended.

GRA 131
Digital Photography I

This course explores the techniques and applications of digital image capture, manipulating images in
Adobe Photoshop and outputting digital images. It focuses on the technical aspect of digital photography,
lighting needs, application use and color management basics. This is project based instruction utilizing basic

photographic concepts, commercially and creatively. A digital camera is required.

Experience using a digital or conventional camera is recommended.

GRA 222
Package Design

This Provides instruction on marketing and branding strategies and the design of packaging products. Studies packaging structural implications and substrates as well as design and production for 3D packaging such as folding cartons, flexible bags, labels and shrink sleeves. Covers barcoding and postal preparation and standards; works with supplied CAD structures. Emphasizes the creative visual design of 3D packaging and prototype creation; focuses on the file production through manufacturing requirements of the packaging industry.

Prerequisite: GRA112 and prior or concurrent enrollment in GRA220 with a grade of C or better.

GRA 229
Page Layout

This course explores advanced desktop publishing focusing on page assembly in
QuarkXpress as well as page building in InDesign (Mac). Projects focus on creating documents that follow

industry standards and best practice file creation for print production. The emphasis is placed on color
projects for print and preflighting techniques.

Prior enrollment in GRA 102 or industry experience using QuarkXpress is recommended.

GRA 231
Variable Data Technologies

Covers selected topics utilizing digital print technologies. Studies

variable data applications, data management and cross media

web-to-print solutions for the graphic arts industry. Includes

aspects of personalized and customized data and marketing

through text and images for print, web, email and phone delivery.

Covers application training and utilization through output and

trends, VDP procedures and languages, postal specifications and

bindery needs. Prior enrollment in GRA 230 with a grade of C or better or consent of

program coordinator.

GRA 232
Advanced Digital Photography I

Explores advanced techniques and applications of digital image capture, concentrating on application uses and output. Focuses on different types of digital photography in the graphic arts arena, from product shots, food, fashion and location techniques. Investigates different equipment and color management in a commercial studio environment.

Experience using a digital camera is recommended and Photoshop experience.

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