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Upgrade - EFI ColorVerifier v2.5/v2.6/v3.0/v3.1 to v4.5

Upgrade - EFI ColorVerifier v2.5/v2.6/v3.0/v3.1 to v4.5

List Price: $250.00

Manufacturer Part #: 45099541

Quality Assurance for your Colors

The Color Verifier Option is an easy-to-use solution for your business and customer quality assurance. It can be employed to measure and compare color values and serves as an essential tool for reliable remote proofing.

Work from the Same Colors Internally

When working digitally, it’s important that everyone in-house works with the same colors – especially when project members work in different geographic regions. The Color Verifier Option represents the ideal solution for quality assurance for central and decentralized businesses. It enables you to easily measure and compare color values in situations such as proofs with reference, print-run profiles, proofs with proofs, and proofs with print, ensuring that colors are identical to the print output.

The flexible option supports a vast range of measuring devices and control strips. Simply follow the measuring procedure to see the differences in using tables and graphics. You can then check your results against ISO standards; set your own quality standards; and define the tolerances for individual values or the average for all values.

Make Remote Proofing Easy

The Color Verifier Option makes costly distribution of printouts history! Simply coordinate and fine-tune proofs and profiles even if users are scattered over different locations. The option is based on mutual exchange between sender and recipient, so you and your co-worker can output a PDF of your print job and measure it. If the data lies within the tolerances you have defined, you can be sure that an accurate printout will be produced quickly and without additional cost.

Additional Information:

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