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EFI Fiery XF Production Premium - XF Server 6.5 + Unlimited Number Of Clients + 4 Printer Options M-XXL + Production Option + Color Profiler Option + Cut Marks Option + Spot Color Option

EFI Fiery XF Server 6.3 Production Premium

This Product Includes 1 year Software
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EFI Fiery XF Production Premium


Fiery® XF Version 6, the flexible and scalable high-speed RIP and color management workflow for wide- to superwide-format production, streamlines your print production with customizable automated workflows from job creation to printing and verification.

Accurate color management by measurements, with advanced spot- and process-color optimization, enables you to easily achieve stunning, precise and predictable quality prints.

Automated workflows eliminate touch points and remove the need for manual job submission, saving operators time and reducing error rates. A fully customizable user interface allows you to tailor the application to each operator’s tasks and skill set.

For more information on the options included in this software, Please see Additional Information.

Feature Highlights

Stunning, Precise and Predictable Quality Prints

Accurate color management, with advanced spot- and process-color optimization, removes the need for time-consuming trial and error color correction or complicated device link profiles and gives you best possible color output each and every time. processing.

Ahead of the Curve with the Latest Industry Standards

Fiery XF is fully compliant with the latest ISO, G7 or Fogra PSD standards for accurate and predictable results.

To minimize the differences between Xrite measurement devices and to ensure highest data exchange quality, all Xrite and EFI devices make use of the new XRGA standard.

Implementation of M0, M1 (D50) and M2 (UV cut) measurement modes allows ISO 13655-compliant measurements for the best color match under the latest industry-standard viewing conditions. Coupled with the Fiery XF’s new Ambient Light Adaption, this offers a perfect match in the final viewing environment.

Technology that Makes the Difference

The Fiery XF print driver technology eliminates artifacts and ensures smooth and consistent quality for fine art production and high-end prints on more than 450 supported printers. Additionally, Fiery XF supports more than 1,200 cutting devices and router tables and seamlessly connects to EFI MIS solutions via JDF.

Use the Latest Adobe® Technology to Improve Your Workflow

Fiery XF also supports the latest technologies for streamlining and enhancing workflow communication, including Adobe® PDF Print Engine V2.6 to ensure direct rendering of PDF files without any conversion to PostScript®. This seamless integration ensures that you have correct interpretation of any effect or element that is applied to the PDF at a design level, saving precious you time and greatly reducing scrap and production errors.

Streamlined, Automated and Customizable Workflows

The fully customizable Fiery XF user interface allows you to tailor the application to each operator’s tasks and skill set for greater efficiency and reduced error rate.

In addition, downloadable default media profiles and pre-installed workflows/presets make it a breeze to create automated workflows. Effective, wizard-driven color tools provide optimal color results quickly and easily. This offers a short learning curve, even for novice users
Additional Information:

Printer Options M, XL and XXL

Printer Options M, XL and XXL support many output devices such as inkjet, LED and laser printers. Printer Option M supports A3/A2 printers with a printing width of 18". Printer Option XL caters to printers with a printing width of 19" to 24," while Printer Option XXL is for printers with a printing width over 25". The basic package includes Printer Option M; however, you can add other printer options at any time.

Production Option

The Production Option transforms your large-format printer into a fast production solution that achieves high productivity and outstanding color quality. It also enables you to offer your customers additional value-add services such as poster and banner production to boost your sales and customer satisfaction. In addition, the option lets you adjust color manually to meet any customer's specific need quickly and easily. The Production Option includes Grommet marks for punch holes, which are used on advertising banners and flags. In addition, this option works with an expanded range of supported FOTOBA cutters, including the Digitrim series, XL series and WR series.

Color Profiler Option

Get advanced color management tools and a boost in performance with the Color Profiler Option based on the renowned Fiery Color Profiler Suite. The tools quickly and easily create ICC profiles and Device-Links that produce high quality results every time, increasing your customer satisfaction. The option enables you to print various test charts and measure them with the supported spectrophotometers and do profile editing.

Cut Marks Option

Save Time and Money While Decreasing Waste. The Cut Marks Option generates and places marks in your job and extracts multiple cut paths. The option seamlessly connects to the Zünd Cut Center, which ensures a reliable cut workflow by eliminating errors and automating time-consuming tasks. If you have a wide to superwide printer in a production environment, the Cut Mark Option also offers you a new type of mark: The Option also includes iCut level 1 and 2 for maximum flexibility and connectivity to any third party cutting application. Note: The Cut Marks Options comes with licenses for the Zünd Cut Center and iCut level 1 & 2. It requires Spot Color Option to work.

Spot Color Option

The Spot Color Option ensures perfect spot colors every time. It allows you to produce consistent colors across all media to preserve your brand image or increase your customer satisfaction. There also are an unlimited number of spot colors per job, so there are no limits on what you can produce. In addition, EFI's work with leading spot color systems such as Pantone, HKS, Toyo and DIC ensures that Colorproof™ XF's definitions match the original definitions. It also satisfies the most demanding customer requirements with high-performance features that define spot colors, transparencies gradation curves and much more.

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