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  ColorBurst PrePress For Large Format Printers Up To 60 Inches

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List Price: $2,695.00
colorHQ Price: $2,521.25

Shipping Information: Usually ships within 24 hours
Manufacturer Part #: PCPRE60

A PostScript Language Level 3 compatible RIP
for Digital Proofing and PrePress

ColorBurst PrePress produces a CMYK color composite for printing to large format inkjet printers. It is available for Windows XP, 2000, and 2003.

ColorBurst PrePress offers support for pre-separated files. You can proof up to 30 color separations per file. ColorBurst PrePress shows traps and overprint for CMYK or Black Text Only. ColorBurst PrePress also includes all of the features of ColorBurst Pro, including "best-fit" nesting and AutoSpotâ„¢ for optimized PANTONE colors. SpectralVision Pro, a full-featured CMYK printer profiler, is included to create CMYK ICC printer profies.

ColorBurst is SWOP Certified on the Epson Stylus Pro 3800, 4800, 7800, and 9800, as well as the Epson Stylus Pro 4000, 7600, and 9600.

Automatic Color Correction
ColorBurst Pro includes the Kodak Digital Sciences ICC Engine to support ICC profiles with Separate Inputs for CMYK/RGB Vector and Image Profiles. ICC Color Correction is processed as each file is ripped. RGB and CMYK files can be mixed on same page.

ICC Profile Creation
ColorBurst Pro will create custom RGB, CMYK, and CMYKLCLM (Light Cyan Light Magenta) profiles with no extra software to buy.

PANTONE Color Matching
ColorBurst Pro includes the full licensed PANTONE Color Library. ColorBurst's AutoSpotâ„¢ technology greatly improves the accuracy of PANTONE colors. All color handling is done automatically during processing - any PANTONE colors in a file are found when the file is ripped.

Neutral Black and White Prints
With ColorBurst Pro, black and white prints look the same under any lighting condition metamerism is completely eliminated.

Custom Inksets
ColorBurst Pro offers true 4, 6, and 8 channel printing ColorBurst will utilize any Inkset including Hi-Fi (CMYKOG).

Greater Job throughput
ColorBurst is the fastest Large Format RIP available files are ripped, color corrected, and printed on-the-fly. No need to RIP images when placing in a layout, and no need to RIP to large Scitex CT file before printing.

Image thumbnails are shown in the layout window. Multiple images are placed in the layout with automatic "best fit" nesting. Independent cropping, scaling, and rotation are completed on a per-image basis. Improved Step and Repeat increases control over file placement in the layout.

ColorBurst will nest images in the layout without ripping the image first, saving time during setup. Automatic best fit and automatic image refit saves space in the layout, ultimately saving money on media.

Print Spooling
ColorBurst Pro provides 50 print queues for automatic spooling and printing. Each queue can place images in layouts using automatic best fit for scatter proofs.

ColorBurst Port Monitor
ColorBurst can output to a Desktop printer for job management to allow for Mac Chooser and PC Network printing. Print jobs can be held, reordered, deleted, and reprinted.

CSE ColorTrack Color Management
Completely eliminates the dirty color/speckled effect from using ICC Profiles for CMYK type, tints, and graphics. ColorTrack allows pure colors of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Red, Green, and Blue to be printed without contamination.

Multiple input file formats
ColorBurst Pro offers full Postscript Language Level 1, 2, and 3 support for PS, EPS, and PDF files, including multipage files and JPEG compression. CMYK, RGB, Lab, and color-mapped TIFF files, including LZW compression, as well as Targa, Scitex Handshake CT, and RTL raster files are also supported. All file types can be placed together in a layout for printing.

Make multi-panel prints with trim marks and image bleed. ColorBurst Pro offers increased control by allowing individual panel sizes. Tiling setup can be saved for reprinting individual panels.

Robust PostScript Level 3 interpreter
ColorBurst Pro is based on the Jaws RIP by Global Graphics Software. ColorBurst Accepts files from Mac, PC, and Unix platforms.

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