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Measure Color X-RITE CHROMiX
ColorMetrix Tucanna Enfocus
Imagine one solution that brings color measurement all together. One networked platform capable of measuring any print process and providing a simple, easy to use interface that anyone can quickly understand. A modular, app-based environment where each segment of the print process can monitored and controlled. A product that allows your choice of measurement instrument from a number of industry leading manufacturers. Measure everything from spots, quality control strips, to full width colorbars, the choice is yours when you MeasureColor.

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CHROMiX Curve3 + VPR CHROMiX Curve3 + VPR
List Price: $2,499.00
CHROMiX Colorthink 2 CHROMiX Colorthink 2
List Price: $149.00
CHROMiX Colorthink Pro CHROMiX Colorthink Pro
List Price: $399.00
CHROMiX X-Platform CHROMiX X-Platform
List Price: $529.00
CHROMiX ColorCast CHROMiX ColorCast
List Price: $199.00